Have questions about how The FLC Project uses your information? Check out our FAQ.

The Surveys

Join the FLC Project

Patients and their families are an essential part of The FLC Project. We understand this is a difficult time and we appreciate you taking the time to help fight this disease.

Your doctor gives you access to join the project.
You fill out questionnaires about your history.
Your answers are stored securely with answers from other patients around the world.
Doctors analyze these answers to find patterns and research better treatments.

Get Started

To get started, sign in below using the email address you gave your doctor and fill out the required surveys about your medical history and daily habits. If you have not visited your doctor and wish to apply, please login using a Google account and complete the application process. Note, European Union (EU) residents are NOT ELIGIBLE to participate at this time.The study is completing legal paperwork for access to patients residing in the EU. We will reach out to you when the study becomes available.

The FLC Project uses Google Forms to securely save your responses. Check out our FAQ if you have questions about how your data is used.